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  • Configure your Windows machine to use Web Authentication.

    Client Configuration

    From the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel > Network Connections.

    Right-click the LAN Connection icon and choose Disable.

    Right-click the Wireless Connection icon and choose Enable.

    Right-click the Wireless Connection icon again and choose Properties.

    From the Wireless Network Connection Properties window, click the Wireless Networks tab.

    In the Preferred Network area, click Add…

    Under the Association tab enter "INFN-Web" (case ensitive) for the Network Name (SSID).

    Figure 1 provides an example:

    Figure 1


    Note: Notice that Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is enabled. You must disable WEP in order for web authentication to work.

    Click OK at the bottom of the window in order to save the configuration.

    Figure 2 shows a successful wireless connection.

    Figure 2


    Client Login

    Open a browser window, any URL brings you to the web authentication page

    A security alert window displays.

    Figure 3 provides an example:

    Figure 3


    Accept the certificate and click OK in order to proceed.

    When the Login window appears, enter the user name and password.

    Figure 4 shows a successful redirect for web authentication.

    Figure 4


    Figure 5 shows the Login Successful window, which displays when authentication has occurred.

    Figure 5